morning at Zabriskie Pt. 17, folded hillsmorning at Zabriskie Pt. 10, folded hillsZabriskie Point PanoramaMorning at Zabriskie Pt. 4Morning at Zabriskie Pt. 3Morning at Zabriskie Pt. 2Morning light on the Panamint range above Death Valley 1Desert Sunset with Joshua Trees 2racetrack Playa 12, Traveling Stonesracetrack Playa 11, Traveling StonesRacetrack Playa 4 (grandstand)Racetrack Playa 3 (grandstand)Teakettle JunctionTeakettle Junction ShadowTitus Canyon HorseZabriskie Point View 5Zabriskie Point View 2Dawn at Zabriskie Point 3Skidoo Mill 4Aguereberry Point view of Death Valley 5