757 photos

This page shows images added to my web site in approximately the past 12 months. The images are arranged in groups. The first group (Misc) are random photos added to the site in the last 12 months (regardless of date taken). The remaining groups are in most recent first order. Text icons separate different shooting locations.
Misc 2Golden Gate Bridge reflectionRed Bridge TakayamaIkea CartsLady Washington Mast and Rigging #2Lady Washington Mast and Rigging #1Rope on The Lady WashingtonRusty ChainAlmaden Church2 women on Chicken BusToucan with BeanCard Players 5, Sorrento ItalyCanyon Rd Shop 3, Santa Fe, NMDragon Fly, exosckeleton remainsCoyote Hills DockDead California Live OakFour sticks in the MarshFeather in a web - 03Feather in a web - 02Feather in a web - 01


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