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In early March we took a driving trip through parts of the American desert in the Southwestern part of the country. We left Palo Alto from March 1st through March 10th. On our trip we hit the Alabama Hills (on east side of southern Sierra mountain range and where many of the “B Western” movies and TV series were shot), the Manzanar Japanese Internment camp, and Joshua Tree National Park. We then left California and stopped by Tombstone Arizona on our way to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. From Carlsbad we went up to White Sands National Monument and then swung through the Painted Desert / Petrified Forest national Park.
Alabama Hills (USA, CA)Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountain range from Lone PineEastern Sierra Nevada Mountain range from Alabama Hills #1Alabama hills small archEastern Sierra Nevada Mountain range from Alabama Hills #2Mobius Arch, Alabama Hills #2Mobius Arch, Alabama Hills, CABoulder Pile Near Cap rockCap Rock.  Joshua Tree NPCap Rock.  Joshua Tree NP #2Manzanar (USA, CA)Desert Polesmanzanar watch towerBarracks, Manzanar Japaneese Internment CampManzanar Japaneese Internment campBuddhist Monument, Manzanar Japaneese Internment campPaper Cranes for good luck.  Manzanar, CAJoshua Tree National ParkSkull Rock, Joshua Tree NPCap rock, Joshua Tree NP