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Taken 13-Oct-23
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Pictograph of Navajo hunters chasing antelope

When someone needed the medicine man, he would come and perform the ceremony, but as the Navajo did use money, the medicine man was paid with jewelry, livestock, or hides

But, the buckskins used for trading had to be the best quality which meant no arrow or bullet holes.To get such a thing, they’d chase a buck from horseback along the sandy river bottom where the narrow hoves of the deer made it hard to run. When the deer fell down they’d jump off their horses, hold the antlers down while the other hunter would put a pollen filled bag over the nose and mouth of the heavily breathing deer. This pollen would get into the lungs of the deer and it would suffocate.

The skin would be used for barter but the meat and bone would be shared
SONY ILCE-7RM5, f/5.6 @ 132 mm, 1/2500, ISO 800, No Flash

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Pictograph of Navajo hunters chasing antelope