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Jumble of rocks, Joshua Tree NPDown and dryJuniper Flats Joshua Tree GroveJuniper Flats Joshua Tree GroveCap Rock.  Joshua Tree NP #2Cap rock, Joshua Tree NPBoulder Pile Near Cap rockSkull Rock, Joshua Tree NPCalifornia Barrel and Teddy Bear Cholla Cactus, #1, Yaqui Well Nature Trail, Anza-Borrego SP, CATeddy Bear Cholla Cactus, Blair Valley, Pictograph Trail, Anza-Borrego SPOctillo in bloom, an-Borrego SP CAcactus spines, Anza-Borrego SP CADesert Lilly,  Anza-Borrego SP, CABoulder grabbed by dead treeEroded rock formation, Joshua Tree NPCap Rock.  Joshua Tree NPSkull Rock, Joshua Tree NPElephant Rear, Joshua Tree NPJoshua Tree and rocksJoshua Tree and Shadow