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Devata Carving, Banteay Srei TempleRed Bridge in ButchartTwo Bears - Iceberg in Jökulsárlón Iceberg Lagoon #08Space & MusicColondae of Arches, Mont St. MicheleArashiyama Bamboo GroveFishing nets at Dingle HarborTrinity Library 1Waikki Beach Sunset - A spectator SportDublin Castle State Apartments, Grand StaircaseFalling into GlassMine Tunnel Glace Bay Miner's Museum(Cape Breton Island, NS Canada)Iguana, Costa RicaCusco WeaverSunrise, Washerwoman and Mesa Arch, Canyonlands UTHouse on FireMont St. Michele signsOwenmore River near Recess #2Red Couch in AnatoneTori gate row #1