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Parthenon from Divani Acropolis HotelParthenon at night from Divani Acropolis HotelOld woman, Athens Central MarketAnafiotika grafitti AlleyBottlesTemple of Poseidon with ReflectionTemple of Poseidon with setting sun #1Temple of Poseidon with setting sunHadrian's Gate at nightParthenon #2Steer head handle vase, National Archaeological Museum, Athens GreeceBronze horse and child riderPoros HarborBlue balustrade & Lace curtainOrthodox Metropolitan Cathedral #1, Fira, Santorini IslandOrthodox Metropolitan Cathedral #2, Fira, Santorini IslandStairs, door & windows, MessariaOia Greek Orthodox Church witn Blue DomePanagia Ekatontapiliani Cburch bellsDelos Archeology Site #3, Greece