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Cherry Blossom Festival, Fujimori Park 2Candy Apples?  JapanCandy Apples(?) standCherry Blossom Festival, Fujimori Park 3Cherry Blossoms, Fujimori Park - 1Showa Memorial ParkField and Cherry tree grove in bloomTulips, Showa Memorial Park -1Tulips, Showa Memorial Park -3Tulips, Showa Memorial Park -6Boating, Showa Memorial ParkTrail to Karuizawa Shiraito Falls, JapanLower Karuizawa Shiraito Falls, JapanKaruizawa Shiraito Falls, Japan - 2karuizawa Shiraito Falls, Japan - 4karuizawa Shiraito Falls, Japan - 5karuizawa Shiraito Falls, Japan - 6Cherry Blossums, Japan - 2Strawberry green houses - 5Mt. Asmama and Cherry Blossoms