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This page shows images added to my web site in approximately the past 12 months. The images are arranged in groups. The first group (Misc) are random photos added to the site in the last 12 months (regardless of date taken). The remaining groups are in most recent first order. Text icons separate different shooting locations.
Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos (Mar 2018)Storefront Temple on Le Duan St. HanoiBaloons on bicycle, HanoiAlley restaurant, HanoiMotor Scooters galore.  HanoiFish Fry sidewalk restaurant, HanoiLanterns and Cherry Blossoms, HanoiDen Nuoc Son Temple, HanoiInsense stand.  Den Nuoc Son Temple. Hanoi, Viet NamFog.  Ba Vi Resort.  Ba Vi National ParkDen Thuong Ba Vi Hanoi TempleDen Thuong Ba Vi Hanoi Temple #2Den Thuong Ba Vi Hanoi Temple #3Ben Vi National Park HikerFamily on Bike Phuong Tri, Viet NamKy Son AreaAfter Lunch Service.  Duong Lam, Viet NamTaking Buffalo for a walkMotor scooter, Duong LamLooking though the doorway, Duong Lam, Viet Nam