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290 photos

This page shows images added to my web site in approximately the past 12 months. The images are arranged in groups. Text icons separate different shooting locations.
Quebec City AreaSaint Louis Gate, Quebec CityChateau Frontenec from Citadel wall, Quebec CityMontmorency Falls, near Quebec City (#1)Bistro Cafe, QuebecRue DonnaconaChateau Frontenec from Pierre-Dugua-De-Mons Terrace, Quebec CityDufferin Terrace (Boardwalk. Promenade), Quebec CityBarrels, Saint-Louis Fort and Chateau National Historic SiteChateau Frontenec from Defferin Terrace, Quebec CitySide falls next to Montmorency Falls, near Quebec CityTram at Montmorency Falls, near Quebec CityMontmorency Falls, near Quebec City (#3)Chateau Frontenec from tour boat on St. Lawrence River, Quebec City (#1)Farmland, Isle D'Orleans near Quebec CityCabin, Jacques-Cartier National Park, QuebecRiver Sautauriski Jacques-Cartier National Park, QuebecCanoes River Sautauriski Jacques-Cartier National Park, QuebecYellow Fall forest, Jacques-Cartier National ParkMontmorency Falls, near Quebec City (#2)