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Did something happen to you recently? All of a sudden, instead of having a shoe box with 50 to 100 photos in it, you found yourself with thousands of images on your computer and no way to deal with them. These photos are now coming from your smart phone, your point and shoot camera, your tablet computer, your friends and maybe even a high quality DSLR. So how do you keep track of them all, select the good ones and make them look better?

What do you do when you want to find that photo of a bear you took at zoo that your son needs for a homework assignment? Was that 2003, 2004 or 2005? How about that call you got from your sister who’s planning a surprise 90’th birthday party for your dad and is asking for photos of him? There must be a better way to find them than looking through all your folders one by one. Sound Familiar?

If you’ve decided to use Adobe’s powerful Lightroom product to manage and edit your photos but need some help get started with it, give me a call. I use LR to manage all my images (over 60,000 of them). I also use LR for over 98% of my image editing needs, only going over to other tools such as Photoshop for specialized work such as erasing tourists and telephone wires or making composite images.

I'm an award winning photographer with great teaching skills who can show you how to use and get the biggest bang for your buck out of LR. My one-on-one lessons are tailored to your skill level, useage, and can be as shallow or in depth as you like. These are in person, 1 on 1, private sessions given at my place Palo Alto.

As with my popular DSLR lessons, my Rate is $50/hr of instruction. The $50/hr rate includes simultaneous private instruction for yourself and up to two other people of your choosing (no charge for extra people). Lessons can be arranged in sessions of 1 to 3 hours duration each (2 hr minimum for first lesson).


  • ŸOrganizing your physical images on your computer
  • ŸNaming your images
  • ŸThe power of the LR catalog
  • ŸHow LR differs from products like Photoshop, iPhoto, and Photoshop Elements
  • ŸImporting images into LR
  • ŸRating and ranking your photos using Stars, Colors, Pick Flags
  • ŸStacking similar images to hide all but the best one
  • ŸThe incredibly powerful use of keywords to tag and find images
  • ŸCreating manual and smart collections to group images into sets that make sense to you
  • Using face detection tools to find and tag people you care about in your images
  • ŸUsing LR “publish Services” to automatically and seamlessly post and manage images on web tools such as Facebook, Flickr, Picassa Web and others – all from within LR.

  • ŸUsing the Histogram to adjust images
  • ŸCorrecting White Balance
  • ŸAdjusting your image: contrast, brightness, fill light, shadows, highlights, vibrance, saturation, clarity
  • ŸUsing “Tone Curve” to target brightness of different tonal ranges"
  • ŸAdjusting colors with Hue, Saturation, and luminance controls
  • ŸSplit Toning
  • ŸSharpness and noise control
  • Reducing haze in images
  • ŸCorrecting for lens distortion, change perspective to straighten buildings,
  • ŸAdd vignetting for a professional look
  • Focusing attention on your subject by applying targeted adjustments
  • Creating stunning HDR images from multiple shots
  • Creating stitched panorama images from multiple shots

  • ŸGeo Tagging images
  • ŸShowing your track log (from a GPS device) with your images superimposed on the track
  • ŸChanging image locations
  • ŸHave LR find and add Country, State/Province, City and Sub Location to your photos

We can also talk about Slide Shows, Using LR to make a photo book, printing and export for the web.
Floor Light Pattern, Upper Antelope Slot CanyonLa Sal Mtns Through Delicate Archracetrack Playa 11, Traveling StonesTwo Grand Ladies of the RailBryce Amphitheater 2Cherry blossom pathWasher Woman Arch after Dust StormJoshua Trees and Wind Turbines 3Two Butte's near Round Rock Arizona

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