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Le Mont Saint Michel, FranceColondae of Arches, Mont St. MicheleMonestary cieling, Mont St. MIchele, FRMont St. Michele signsThree French Balconies, St. Malo, FranceUS Cemetery, Normandy France #2Rue de la Maitrise, Bayeux FranceCatecombs, Cathedral Notre-Dam BayeuxCrisCross stairs, Cathedral Notre Dame Rouen, FRVertical half timber house, Rouen, FranceNarrow street of half timber buildings, Rouen FranceRainy day on Rue du Pere Adam, Rouen, FRSwiss theme, Joan of Arc Square, Rouen, FranceLaser Light show, Cathedral Notre Dam Rouen, France #1Laser Light show, Cathedral Notre Dam Rouen, France #2Jumieges Abby, Jumieges FranceGiverney Yellow Flower & ShadowClaude Monet Gardens pond #1, Giverney, FranceArbors. Claude Monet Gardens, Giverny, FranceClaude Monet Garden pond #2, Giverny, France