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Colondae of Arches, Mont St. MicheleMont St. Michele signsThree French Balconies, St. Malo, FranceCatecombs, Cathedral Notre-Dam BayeuxSwiss theme, Joan of Arc Square, Rouen, FranceLaser Light show, Cathedral Notre Dam Rouen, France #1Giverney Yellow Flower & ShadowClaude Monet Gardens pond #1, Giverney, FranceArbors. Claude Monet Gardens, Giverny, FranceClaude Monet Garden pond #2, Giverny, FranceOld grist mill, Vernon FranceLaser light Show,  Notre Dame Cathedral of Amiens #2Three Porcelain cats in a Bruges windowHand loom in Weaver's house.  Zaanse Schans, NetherlandsWindmill Gears.  Zaanse Schans, NetherlandsThree windmills in window panesThree Zaanse Schans windmills on the banks of the Zaan riverGreen HoistInntel Hotel zaandam #2Zuiderkerk church Amsterdam