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American Southwest (2020-03)Anza-Borrego State Park (2019-02)Bryce Zion Valley of Fire Mojave Preserve (Feb 2016)Bryce Zion Valley of Fire Mojave Preserve Fav's (Feb 2016)CA Central Coast 2021CA North Coast Trip (2023-06)Cascade Mountains in WashingtonEastern Sierra's Trip (Sep 2009)Eastern Sierra's Trip Fav's (Sep 2009)Greece Trip (Apr 2019)Greece Trip Fav's (Apr 2019)Hells Canyon area (OR)Ireland Trip (Jun 2016)Ireland 2016 (Fav's)Japan Trip (Apr 2023)Japan Trip Fav's (Apr 2023)Moab Trip (2017)Moab Trip Fav's (2017)Monterey Bay Aquarium Trip (Mar 2016)Moss Landing, Elkhorn Sloush (Mar 2019)