Peru, May 2012. Includes Lima, Cusco, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu (Agua Caliente), and Lake Titicaca
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i finally got to this. you're fucking GOOD! how does it feel to realize that you wasted your life as an it manager? :) some of the "intimate" shots of people are as good as one would expect to see in any portfolio -- in my opinion, at least. and the stuff you shot at machu picchu is better than i've seen in national geographic. that's a fact, not a compliment. i'd like to see another library of the best of what you show here: the top 30, say. also, you might also consider "sub" libraries: a library containing just the people shots, a library of just the shots taken at machu picchu, ... . too, seeing the caption box overlay each photo was a bitch. any way to suppress that? the photos should show without that caption box. there ought to be a hot key to bring up the caption box if the viewer wants it -- and only then. thanks for sharing this, dan. it was a pleasure viewing your work.
Kat Miner(non-registered)
I really enjoyed your pix, Dan! You captured some nice moments and I had a sense of being there. Always fun to see tour participant pix.
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