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Guestbook for Dan Hartford Photo
Ron Martz(non-registered)
Dan, you have once again done an excellent job in capturing all the subject matter at each location. Your focus on the local culture is simply outstanding.
Charlie Anderson(non-registered)
Saw your comments in the Road Scholar Amalfi Coast trip and headed to your website. Very nice. We've been to many of the same places with my visit to Utah this past April.
I've been shooting a Nikon D7000 but am renting a Canon 7DII next week since I've gotten into some wildlife as well as landscape photography.
I noticed you didn't have any shots of Australia and New Zealand and I wholeheartedly recommend you remedy that 'problem'.
Enjoyed your galleries.
Stuart Ridout(non-registered)
Excellent gallery! I'm planning a trip to Antelope this September and looking for any and all tips and advice about shooting there. Although the sand waterfalls look, shall I say "glitzy," I'm not too crazy about all the dust. Should I use a raincoat on my camera/s? I really fear changing lens, should I carry multiple cameras so I don't have to change lens?

I noted your shots are predominately red, did you take the "red, blue, purple and lavenders" and just not post them? Being a very phobic person I am looking forward to capturing the full spectrum, excluding the dust.

I'm no pro, just a serious ameture but, published none the less. Do you think a "tour" is required? I would rather leave after a couple of hours with 3-5 good images than a whole lot of rushed snapshots.

Thank you in advance for any advise you could share.

Regards, Stuart Ridout
Chester, Virginia
Matt Bray(non-registered)
Great Photos!
Anand Chittawadgi(non-registered)
Very crisp photos...