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Flat hourly rate.  First hour free if not satisfied.


If you're just now converting to Lightroom Classic, or have been using it for awhile and find yourself in trouble. together we can figure out your issue and get you back on track. Along the way I can help you optimize your Lightroom setup and workflow to best match your lifestyle and needs. If desired, I also can show you how to use all the features and functions in Lightroom to manage and improve your images. 

I am a master Lightroom instructor who has been using it since version 1 to both manage my image collection of over 90,000 images and to improve the quality of those images for use in gallery shows, magazine covers and for entry into national competitions (where several of my images have won first place). I use Adobe Lightroom for 100% of all my image management work and over 98% of all my image improvement. 


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In my many years using Lightroom, and years helping others I've seen just about every conceivable Lightroom problem so can usually diagnose and solve your problems relatively quickly and get you back on track. I have helped countless new LR users establish a Catalog and Image storage structure that makes sense to them, suites their photography workflow, and can be maintained over time. 

Typical Lightroom Classic problems I encounter are:

  • Too many catalogs
  • Haphazzard image storage (image folders inconsistent or random)
  • Backup strategy missing or incomplete
  • Conversion from Apple Photos, iPhoto, or Aperture
  • Dealing with LR on multiple computers (i.e., Desktop while at home and laptop when traveling)
  • Multiple copies of the same image in different folders on multiple drives
  • Multiple copies of the same image in LR
  • Not able to find images in LR Catalog when needed
  • Help in improving look of images

In addition to Lightroom Classic problem solving and help on specific issues I can also help you just learn how to use LR and its features.  See:  Lightroom Lessons

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My rate is $80 per hour.

If, after the first hour you are not 100% satisfied we can stop there and there will be no charge



Contact me through the "Contact+About" menu at the top of this screen, or through email to [email protected]

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