I began photographing in the early 1970's with an Olympus half frame camera (72 shots on a 36 picture roll) shooting mostly vacation and family. In the mid 80's I started to approach photography more as a creative art process rather than as documentation of vacations. As my interest in photography and skill level increased, I have gone through several styles as well as equipment. I made the transition from film to digital around 2001 and have never looked back. As you see in my photo galleries, I shoot mostly landscapes, cityscapes, nature, and some candid street.

As I've developed (no pun intended) as a photographer I have honed my aesthetic and technical skills to produce images that talk to me and convey the sense and feeling-of-place I had when I was at the scene shooting. Of course this process never ends as I continue to discover new ways to look at things and new perpsectives and techniques on how to capture them in the camera.

Most of my images are taken at locations that are accessible by car and short walks. Unlike many famous landscape photographers I am not in a posistion (either physically or economically) to trek up mountains, hire private guides in the wilds of Africa, visit exotic 3rd world locations, or be able to hire someone to carry my gear to all those wonderful places. In additon to shooting from places I can drive to, I take day (or half day) hikes (more like walks actually) on established trails to get away from the crowds and to expose myself to different viewpoints and perspectives. It's amazing how short a distance is adequte to find yourself alone on a trail - even in the heart of places like Yosemite and Yellowstone. A ten minute walk from the parking lot and you have the world to yourself.

I tend not to "Photoshop" my images other than to make them more like what I recall seeing and feeling when I took the shot. I do adjust the basics such as exposure, contrast, saturation, fill, etc. in Lightroom, but rarely venture into Photoshop itself. However, on occasion I'll use Photoshop to remove wires, litter, or stray branches and I've even been known to erase a tourist or ten from time to time but for the most part the images are how I saw the scene when I was there.

Teaching, Tutoring, Consulting and Help

LIGHTROOM CLASSIC: I provide one-on-one, private Lightroom Classic consulting and training.  These sessions are conducted through online screen sharing.  The sessions can be helping solve specific problems or issues, cleaning up a Lightroom Mess, or just some best parctices guidance in the most effective use of Lightroom Classic.  Or, if you prefer, this can be a soup to nuts course on the use of Lightroom Classic, concentrating on the Library and Develop modules.  The course option can be as basic or advanced as you wish and can be adjusted to only cover areas you desire.   


CAMERA: As I've continued my photography, I have found myself in many camera shops near and far. As I've waited my turn in such places I have often witnessed other customers with expensive DSLR cameras and lenses asking the sales person very basic quesitons about how to use the camera. It seems that many people buy an expensive camera then use it like a point-and-shoot in full auto mode and wonder why their pictures don't look much different than with their old P&S camera. After witnessing several such incidents, one in which the customer returned the camera to the store for a refund when a simple change of settings would have fixed her issue, I decided there was a need to offer low cost tutoring on how to use a DSLR camera. Many people want to get the most out of their new camera but at the same time don't want to go to college and major in photography. I've always loved teaching so I got into the DSLR tutoring business. You can see more about my lessons, given in Palo Alto, CA and nearby, by clicking on the "lessons" button at the top of most pages.

Purchasing images Info

If you wish to purchase one or more of my images, please send me an email and we can make the necessary arrangements.  If you'd like to purchase finished products such as prints (framed or unframed), T-shirts, pillow covers, tote bags, shower curtains, etc.  please see  http://dan-hartford.pixels.com/ (additional images can be added upon request)

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Not that I intend to get rich selling photos, but all rights to all images I create, which includes but is not limited to all images contained on this website, are reserved. All such images are owned by Dan Hartford (Dan Hartford Photo) with all rights reservd whether or not a copyright or reserved statement or symbol is visible on the image or is present in the image metadata. No images I create may be copied, distibuted, shown, displayed, or used for any purpose without the expressed written permission of Dan Hartford except as follows in this paragraph. Any image or group of images present in www.danhartfordphoto.com or in my account on any other electronically accessible source (such as, but not limited to, Filckr, Facebook, Google+ and PicassaWeb) may be viewed, tagged, commented on, referenced, or added to another user's favorites (such as the "like" feature on Facebook) without explicit written permission from Dan Hartford.

Exclusive or non-exclusive rights to images may purchased from Dan Hartford (Dan Hartford Photo) on a case by case basis at a price schedule agreed to, in writing, by both parties. No other use is permitted.

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