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On-Line over the Internet using screen sharing software

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Live One-on-One help over the internet using screen sharing SW.  Flat hourly rate.  First hour free if not satisfied.


If you're just now converting to Lightroom Classic, or have been using it for awhile and find yourself in trouble. together we can figure out your issue and get you back on track. Along the way I can help you optimize your Lightroom setup and workflow to best match your lifestyle and needs. If desired, I also can show you how to use all the features and functions in Lightroom to manage and improve your images. 

I am a master Lightroom instructor who has been using it since version 1 to both manage my image collection of over 90,000 images and to improve the quality of those images for use in gallery shows, magazine covers and for entry into national competitions (where several of my images have won first place). I use Adobe Lightroom for 100% of all my image management work and over 98% of all my image improvement. 


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In my many years using Lightroom, and years helping others I've seen just about every conceivable Lightroom problem so can usually diagnose and solve your problems relatively quickly and get you back on track. I have helped countless new LR users establish a Catalog and Image storage structure that makes sense to them, suites their photography workflow, and can be maintained over time. 

Typical Lightroom Classic problems I encounter are:

  • Too many catalogs
  • Haphazzard image storage (image folders inconsistent or random)
  • Backup strategy missing or incomplete
  • Conversion from Apple Photos, iPhoto, or Aperture
  • Dealing with LR on multiple computers (i.e., Desktop while at home and laptop when traveling)
  • Multiple copies of the same image in different folders on multiple drives
  • Multiple copies of the same image in LR
  • Not able to find images in LR Catalog when needed
  • Help in improving look of images

In addition to Lightroom Classic problem solving and help on specific issues I can also help you just learn how to use LR and its features.  See:  Lightroom Lessons

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My rate is $80 per hour.

If, after the first hour you are not 100% satisfied we can stop there and there will be no charge



Contact me through the "Contact+About" menu at the top of this screen, or through email to


Thanks -- Dan


Henry R. (Tennessee)(non-registered)
I’ve been a pretty serious amateur photographer for years. I’ve accumulated thousands of photos and have made all the usual (and a few unusual) Lightroom mistakes. I was really lucky to find Dan. His is exactly what I was looking for. He patiently explained my organizational problems and helped me resolve them. He taught me how to really use Keywords and helped improve my backup technique. He’s a great teacher, I wish I had found Dan earlier. I highly recommend him!
Peter Kelly(non-registered)
Dan was very helpful in solving issues I had with my LR catalogs. He simplified my settings and was easy to understand and follow
Steve F. (Utah)(non-registered)
Review copied from Yelp, 8/21/2021

Dan Hartford provided me with consulting services and one-on-one tutoring working through some difficult file management issues. I loved working with Dan. He was careful to ask lots of good questions to ensure that he thoroughly understood the problem and potential solutions before carefully walking me through the best approach (unlike Adobe Tech Support). Dan was recommended to me by the Lightroom Queen and he was the perfect answer for what I needed. Dan is patient and carefully explains his logic and reasoning as he provides one-on-one Lightroom teaching and problem solving. He used Zoom and worked on my screen with my version of LrC to show me exactly how to resolve my problems. Five stars from me!
Working with Dan is a wonderful experience. He communicated in a clear and timely manner. Dan sorted my LightRoom catalog issues easily. His kind, thoughtful manner put me at ease immediately. Dan suggested additional workflow processes which were quite welcome! I highly recommend Dan to anyone who needs some LightRoom assistance. Thanks Dan!
Leander (San diego)(non-registered)
Just want to share a good experience with one-on-one Lightroom Help. I just finished a 2 hour Zoom session with Dan Hartford, Palo Alto, California.

LIGHTROOM HELP. I found his name in an Online Lightroom forum from a 2018 thread where someone else was looking for help.

Me: 74 year old casual family and bird photographer. Very comfortable with Windows computers and file structure, beginner with photography and Lightroom. Started Lightroom 2019 with birth of grandchild, dormant for 2 years, restarting. Photoshop Elements prior.

My problem: Entirely related to importing from old files, camera, scanner,then organizing and exporting (to flash drive). Assumed I remembered enough from 2019-wrong. Have multiple copies of same image, many folders outside of Lightroom, many photos unable to find. Deep concern over possibility of accidental deletion. Each effort I made to fix seemed to dig me into a deeper hole, loss of confidence. May have 50,000-100,000 images which should be condensed to about 1,000-2,000 photos I want to keep, then begin organizing a lifetime of print photos.

Previous efforts: Adobe Lightroom Classic Classroom in a Book: Very Good. Victoria Bampton LR Classic Missing FAQ- Good. Tim Grey "Cleaning Up Your Mess in Lightroom"-very good. These LR Queen forums very helpful. Despite all these aids, I was losing confidence that I would make correct choices on my own.

Work with Dan: 2 hour Zoom meeting, camera, microphone, speaker for both of us, screen sharing. All technically smooth. Dan was a very easy guy to work with. Feeling fragile and reading about some negative "help from expert" experiences in this forum, I was concerned that the "expert" would take over my screen, make a lot of changes that I didn't undersatnd, and leave me worse off. Dan was very easy to work with-he hung back, let me explain my points of confusion , and gradually got me from upset to "I can do this, I can follow this map".

I had originally thought that his 2 hour minimum might be too long, but it was just right and less time would not have worked. I thought his fee structure was fair, and will save me many hours of my own time flailing around blind, which was what I had been doing. I will likely take time to absorb all the advice Dan gave, then arrange another session in the future.

For any tutor, I recommend putting your problems in writing, and in priority of importance to you, and sending it to the tutor before the meeting. Just that step alone helped me understand what I wanted to learn, and helped create a structure for both of us through the meeting.
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