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Fog.  Ba Vi Resort.  Ba Vi National Park03 7d2R02-#8881Den Thuong Ba Vi Hanoi TempleDen Thuong Ba Vi Hanoi Temple #206 7d2R02-#8909Ben Vi National Park Hiker08 7d2R02-#895609 7d2R02-#896810 7d2R02-#897711 7d2R02-#8980After Lunch Service.  Duong Lam, Viet NamTaking Buffalo for a walkMotor scooter, Duong LamLooking though the doorway, Duong Lam, Viet Nam16 7d2R02-#9062Outside Chua Oong Dau TempleInner courtyard Chua Oong Dau TempleChua Thay near Chua Oong Dau Temple,Budah's, Chua Oong Dau TempleBiking to the paddy's