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Monument Valley in May 2011.
Moccasin Arch, Monument ValleySky, Sand and Monument ValleyOff to school in Monument ValleyEast & Merrick Buttes, Monument ValleyWest Mitten Butte, Monument ValleyMonument ValleyTotem Pole & Yei Bi Chei, Monument ValleyMonument ValleyMonument ValleyWest, East and Merrick Buttes, Monument ValleyPictographs 1, Canyon de ChelleyTR-6431 SW of GouldingsMonument Valley butte from TR-421 at Gouldings LodgeEagle Mesa from TR-421 by Gouldings LodgeKing on his ThrownMexican HatForest Gump HillWest Mitten ButteThree SistersGypsum Creek and Monument Valley landscape