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NW Europe (France, Belgium, Netherlands (Aug 2018)FranceLe Mont Saint Michel, FranceBicycle and StairsMont St. Michele old StairsColondae of Arches, Mont St. MicheleMonestary cieling, Mont St. MIchele, FRWalking winch, Mont St. Michele, FRWalking wheel winch.  Mont St. Michel, FranceStone Stairs, Mont St. Michele, FRMont St. Michele Tidal FlatMont St. Michele CathedralMont St. Michele signsThree French Balconies, St. Malo, FranceFort National, Saint-Malo FranceSaint Malo butcher shopUS Cemetery, Normandy France #1Star of David Grave Marker - US Cemetery, Normandy, FranceUS Cemetery, Normandy France #2Rue de la Maitrise, Bayeux France