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01 Map Luang Prabang in SE Asia02 Map Luang PrabangSilk Worm CacoonsWeaver, Ock Pop Tok Living Craft CenterWeaving Loom, Ock Pop Tok Living Craft CenterThree girls in Luang PrabangClassic in front of hotel in Luang Prabang08 7d2R03-#059609 7d2R03-#059710 7d2R03-#059911 7d2R03-#060312 7d2R03-#060513 7d2R03-#0606Monks receiving food, Luang PrabangWoman and Boy, Luang Prabangwoman, Luang PrabangVat Nong Sikhounmuang TempleMonks receiving food #4, Luang PrabangOutdoor Kitchen, Luang PrabangOutdoor Kitchen, Luang Prabang