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01 Map 00 - Overview02 Map 04 Halifax to Stanley Bridge PEI03 Map 05 - PEI ExcursionBackyard Sunset.  Stanley Bridge, PEI05 5d3R04-#6099Cavendish National Park Board Walk (PEI, Canada)07 5d3R04-#6113Anne of Green Gables House (PEI, Canada)09 7d2R03-#914210 5d3R04-#6124Cavendish National Park East Beach (PEI, Canada)12 5d3R04-#6136North Rustico Harbour (PEI, Canada)14 7d2R03-#9153Fishing Rods (PEI, Canada)Waitng for lobster season, North Rustico Harbour (PEI, Canada)Lobster traps, Boats, and Buoys (North Rustico PEI, Canada)Through the lobster trap (North Rustico  PEI, Canada)French River (PEI, Canada)20 7d2R03-#9206