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01 Map Hanoi 202 Map SE Asia03 Map Hanoi 104 7d2R02-#8516Baloons on bicycle, Hanoi06 7d2R02-#8549Alley restaurant, HanoiMotor Scooters galore.  HanoiFish Fry sidewalk restaurant, HanoiLanterns and Cherry Blossoms, Hanoi11 7d2R02-#866112 7d2R02-#8685Family on Bike Phuong Tri, Viet NamBoxes of Vermicelli crab headed into townUtility wires, Phan Botchua St, HanoiDragon head Van Mieu acadamy, HanoiLong House, Vietnam Museum of EthnologyChickens on scooter20 Snap10Ritual burning of money in Viet Nam