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Halfdome Sunset 1Halfdome Sunset and reflectionReflected Halfdome SunsetCathedral Rocks and Spires reflected in Merced River 3Fog Clearing around Ahwiyah Point, YosemiteBridal Veil Falls from Tunnel ViewYosemite Falls - Abstract ReflectionCottonwoods in winter lightHalf Dome and Bridal Veil Falls from Tunnel ViewWinter Cottonwood's (mixed media)Yosemite Falls, winter 2019Merced River scumYosemite Falls, from Awahnee Meadow with mistDouble Arch bridge, Merced River YosemiteLast remant of fall.  YosemiteCathedral Rocks in campfire smokeMerced River 3Half Dome and OakCathedral Rocks, YosemiteFall & winter colors on Nothside Drive, Yosemite