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House on Fire02 Map 1 - Full TripKing on his Thrown04 A7R5-#05620Mexican HatForest Gump Hill01 Map 6 - Natural Bridges Day02 A7R5-#05936San Juan river at Goosenecks State ParkSan Juan river at Goosenecks State Park05 Valley of the Gods (google)06 Valley of the Gods 2UT-261 7.7 Mi N. of  Jct UT-316Valley of the gods from UT-28109 Bears Ears (Wikimedia)10 A7R5-#0599111 A7R5-#05997Kachina Bridge Veiwpoint, Natural Bridges US-Monument13 A7R5-#06011Kachina Bridge Veiwpoint, Natural Bridges US-Monument