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Temple of Poseidon SunsetAbandoned in Monastiraki Area01 Map #02a Peloponnese Peninsula01 Map #03a Cape Sounio01 Map Full TripCorinth Canal on rainy day02 5d3R04-#4073Temple of Poseidon with setting sun #1Ancient Epidaurus Greek Theatre03 5d3R04-#4080Temple of Poseidon with setting sunAncient Epidaurus Greek Theatre #2Ancient Epidaurus Greek Theatre #3Boumpoulinas St,, Nafplion, GreeceBoumpoulinas St, balconies, Nafplion, GreeceVasileos Konstantinou St, Nafplion, GreeceNarrow Nafplion street, GreeceAtheaton Traditional Guesthouse, Nafplion GreeceLeof, Vasillisis Amalias St, Nafplion, Greece12 5d3R04-#3342